Top 8 Tips for Bookstagram

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Gaining a following is hard these days especially for book bloggers so here are some of my top tips for bookstagram.

Tip 1: Make the photos worth people’s follows

If your photos aren’t aesthetic and consistent or really relevant to your niche how will people want to follow you?

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Tip 2: Be Consistent

Post regularly and around the same time each post. However, I’m very bad at this but I try to post once a week on Saturday. People are just more likely to follow you if you are consistent with your content.

Tip 3: Have a theme

This isn’t necessary but it makes your profile look sleek and clean. It doesn’t have to be dead set the same photo with a different book. My theme is the way I edit. I always use the same filter for each photo and the same exposure and saturation. For editing a photo I recommend VSCO.

Screenshot 2017-09-03 at 9.18.29 AM

Tip 4: Use relevant #hashtags 

Hashtags can be tricky but only use ones relevant to your niche. Don’t go using the most popular tag because its useless. For bookstagram I recommend using  #bookstagram #bibliophile #author of book used in photo #name of book used in photo. The people in these hashtags are the ones who are most likely to follow you.

Tip 5: Follow other bookstagrammers

Be nice. Never treat bookstagram as a competition for more followers help each other out give shout outs to your favourite accounts. At the end of the day you are all on the same boat.

Tip 6: Communicate in your comments 

Maybe at the end of a post ask a question make a discussion in  your comments. The bookstagram community are so nice and cute and always eager to chat about books

Tip 7:  Like people in your relevant hashtag

Like other people’s photos because you will likely pop up in recommended users to follow. This is the same for commenting just be nice.

Tip 8: Comment on other people’s photos 

Commenting is similar to liking a photo however, be genuine actually enjoy the photo don’t just be nice for follows.


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