Lord of Shadows By Cassandra Clare Review

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I would like to first off say that this is NOT a spoiler free review. I recommend you read all of Cassandra Clare’s books set in the Shadowhunter universe because you will be spoiled.

I have to say this is one of Cassie’s best books ever!! I think she took her story and world to a such a new height. I feel the stakes have gotten so much higher in the Dark Artifices rather than TMI and TID. Emmabooks review, I think sums it up perfectly on the sophistication of Cassie’s writing and storytelling in Lord of Shadows.

The beginning of the book was just so cool, by far my favourite scene in the whole book was when Mark won the goldfish. It just reminded me of how he was in Lady Midnight. The fight scene at the ferris wheel was fantastic with the sea demons. I think it was obvious that Malcolm was still alive because his body just vanished in the ocean, I just knew that he would raise Annabel. I was so happy that Emma and Mark were only fake dating because I felt that it would have been really confusing if there was two love triangles with Mark, Cristina and Keiren then Julian, Emma and Mark. I was happy it ended quickly as well.

I loved seeing the cameos of people from the old books like Jace and Clary. I found it so funny that Emma and all the kiddies see them as superheros they really idolise them. Another favourite scene was with Kit and Jace training it was so nice seeing Jace having some sort of  blood relative. Can I just say Kit Herondale is where its at right now he is so cool. He reminds me a bit of Clary, how he has barely received any training yet whenever there is a fight scene he is the there ready to fight.

The dynamics between Kit, Livvy and Ty were so cute. I love how they just went off on their own little missions. It is dead on that Kit is Watson and Ty is Sherlock. I must say out of all the relationships I ship KITTY the most. I knew from the get go that Ty had a mental illness at first I though he had Asperger but when Kit pointed it out that it was Autism I felt it all had made sense. Its interesting how the shadowhunters don’t believe or acknowledge these illnesses and aren’t allowed to use mundane medicine because I feel like it could really save shadowhunters lives.  Especially regarding Diana’s case who might I say WOW! her backstory is amazing. I love her and Gywn together.

Another character worth mentioning is Julian. He really scares me, he doesn’t like being out of control in every situation I feel he has the upper hand except in the end. I love him but he is quite a dark character. I think Keiren’s quote in Lady Midnight really captures his character. The part where he suggests breaking all Parabatai bonds scared the crap out of me because I just don’t think you would want to be held responsible for breaking those bonds. They are sacred to whoever has them. All I could think about was Jace and Alec.

Arthur Blackthorn in this book played a significant role in the story. He is so admirable I cried when he let Kit go into the portal first because I just knew that Arthur was going to go down protecting his family. I was so relieved and shocked that after Malcolm killed Arthur and raised Annabel that she stabbed him. It shocked me that she could hear him for five years talking to her. I felt bad for Annabel but after the end of the book I had no sympathy anymore.

The worst thing about this book besides the deaths was Zara and the Cohort. What a disgusting group of people. I’m a real history buff and the Cohort was reminiscent of the causes of World War II regarding the Holocaust. I think the Cohort story line is very relevant now in our society. But, Zara is such a toxic girl. I was so relieved that Diego isn’t one of them and he is conspiring with Jaime against him.  When I first met Jamie I thought he was going to be a real douche but her turned out to be nice. I believe he will play a bigger role in the next books. Also, is it just me or the Cohort is very similar to the Circle in the Mortal Instruments.

By far the best setting in this book was the London Institute it just brought back so many memories of the Infernal Devices like the part when Kit was in the library and saw all of Will’s books it made me so happy.

I feel like I haven’t talked about Emma at all. Which is strange considering she is the main character. The reason is, I haven’t really connected with her but my favourite part was whenever she broke something with Cortana like the Rider and the Mortal Sword which holy shit btw.

Magnus and Alec in this book made me so happy. You can truly see how far Alec has matured into an adult. They are such a happy little family with Rafe and Max. One of the biggest surprises in this book was Magnus’ advice to Julian about the parabatai bond and how he should go to Robert. I think it was such a wise choice to actually go to the authorities.

The ending was the most horrific scene I have ever read. I was truly shocked when Robert and Livvy died it  made me so sad. I know for a fact Julian is going to go insane at in the final book. Robert’s death made me cry because like Alec he has come such a long way. Both Robert and Alec were only just starting to have a father son relationship but it all got torn apart. I did not see Livvy’s death coming at all. You knew that Annabel wanted to get to Julian and hurt him so she went for Livvy. Then it starts flicking to all the other Blackthron siblings seeing her death. When Julian was holding her it made me soo sad. There aren’t any words to describe it.

I think that is all I will say, but I might do a theories post after I write a review for the ACOTAR series. Let me know if you have any theories about Queen of Air and Darkness below. I hope you enjoyed this review. Thank you. Sorry it was just rambles .


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