An Open Letter to the Friend I Use to Know…


Dear Friend I use to know,

It is strange to think there was a time where we use to be inseparable. We didn’t part on bad terms in fact we never had a single fight. I use to know you inside out. Now, all we are a friendly strangers. Sure, we smile at each other when we walk by but what about the bear hugs or the high fives?  All the sudden we just stopped. We stopped talking. We stopped laughing. We just stopped.

It wasn’t that I hated you it was because I was growing up. I am still growing up. We both just changed and so did our matching views and ideas. We became distant and eventually we were no longer best friends.

Strangely, this happens a lot to me. I can’t explain why but suddenly one day I have a best friend then gone. Recently, I have a few friends who I know will last forever. But I wonder what was wrong with us. Was it because I moved and lost contact?  Is it because I was too honest? Was it because I sometimes share too much about my life but never hear a word about yours? Are we bad people because we can’t keep a friendship?

Anyway, I want to let you know that I think about you everyday and I wonder if I didn’t move I would still be your friend. It is peculiar that I use to see you every day to not seeing you at all except in the occassional instagram post. I hope you are well and still dance around to Taylor Swift and watch disney movies. I hope you are happy and made a new best friend that is forever. I just hope you never forget the good times we had.

Love, Hannah XXX

P.S I was wondering is it just me where you slowly lose or grow apart from a friend? I would love to know if you guys experience this too.

I would also love to say thank you for always taking your time to read my blog posts. It really means a lot to me. Thank you 🙂

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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Friend I Use to Know…”

  1. Hannah! I know exactly how you feel. I’ve had two best friends in the whole entire world, who moved onto other friends without me. Isn’t it awful? I’m on good terms with both of them but it’s like they are complete strangers. One of them has changed so much, but I still really miss who she used to be because she was my best friend. I hope you’re doing good regardless!
    Xo NiceGirl

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