My Need for Travel

For the past couple of days I just watched some vlogs of Aspyn + Parker when they went to India. Since then I have been blown away. 


If there is one thing to know about me is that I have a temendous case of wanderlust. Ever since I was little and saw a movie set in Paris I have been in love with the idea of travelling.  It has been such a huge void in my life because I haven’t been to many places.

Being only fifteen it is very hard to fill up my need, thankfully I have been on little holidays with my family and I am going to Vietnam next year. But, it’s not enough. I just want to be by myself or with a couple of friends and just explore the world ( that sounded cheesy :0) I just think travelling is the best way to be aware of different cultures and lifestyles in this day and age I think that is very important.

My biggest dream in life is to travel to all of the countries on my 42 countries I Want to Travel To post I made earlier this year but I think I added new additions a.k.a India. I believe that travelling will be such a huge part of me when I’m older and when I finally do start going to different countries it will just be a surreal experinece for me.

I know this post is quite strange but thank you for taking the time to read it. I just wanted to do a more texty post rather than a list. I also really needed to vent on my wanderlust needs.

I am very curious to know what countries you would like to visit so leave a comment on one of your dream destinations. Thanks again for reading.

Love, Hannah XXX








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