10 Things To Do When You Feel Uninspired

Often enough when I’m about to create a blog post or write a chapter in my story. I lose my motivation or ran out of creative ideas. I’m positive this happen to nearly every witer or blogger or in fact anyone that has some sort of creative talent. Hence, why I am going to offer some tip or thing to do when you feel unmotivated or idea less.

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#1 Go for a walk

Every time when I am stumped on an idea. I take a break and go for a walk around my block. Ideas often come when your mind is at ease.

#2 Listen to music

When I am writing and I’m not sure how to advance the plot in my story. I listen to a score for a movie I also created my own playlist of music that reminds me of my story.

#3 Have a shower 

Instead of contemplating the meaning of life when you are showering, Think about your creative work. Metaphorically, I pretend I am washing the bad ideas away.

#4 Let your characters take charge 

If I can’t think of anyway to move further, I just keep writing. Even though I have an outline sometimes if I’m just writing more and better ideas come. Even if you don’t have ideas just put your character in different situations and see what happens. You never know what they will do.

#5 Drink some tea

Tea actually can make you concentrate and relax at the same time.

#6 Read someone else’s work 

Don’t neccesarily copy it word for word. But, if you’re writing a fantasy novel read one similar to your story and take ideas from it. Or if you see a blogpost you like create something similar or just do a list like: Top ten blog post ideas or something like that.

#7 Take a break from it 

If you are really stumped just have a break from writing. Good ideas usually happen unexpectedly.

#8 Carry a note book 

A follow up on #7 when you do take a break carry a notebook incase you do come up with an idea and need to write it down ASAP.

#9 Don’t go on social media

I saying this because it is distracting and doesn’t help you. This is probably my biggest sin I am always flicking between social media and don’t get anything done.

#10 Don’t stress about it ( get ready for the cheese)

Never doubt yourself that you are uncreative because it doesn’t help you. You just have to keep trying and not give up. Always finish what you started. It’s completely normal to not know what to do next that’s just apart of being creative and life. You just got to keep trying.

Love, Hannah XXX



3 thoughts on “10 Things To Do When You Feel Uninspired”

  1. Love this Hannah, so helpful as I’ve been feeling really uninspired today so thanks!!!! Agree about the tea, nothing like a good cuppa’ to put the mind at ease. Love the blog/posts, keep them coming!!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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