An Open Letter to my Future Self

Dear, Future Hannah

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I don’t know when you will go back to read this but it might give you motivation to achieve our goals. Right now I am fifteen and I’m sure you know what is happening as of now.

How are you? I have know idea what you are like and how we have changed. I can’t imagine what you will like in 10 years. I hope you are happy and surrounded with great people. I hope we are still friends with the people I am friends with now even though it seems unlikely. Right now I am really scared about my future as you know I’m not very good at school. I love learning  English and History but I struggle with Maths and Science. I also fear I can’t really pursue a creative career I’m not good a singing, dancing, art and design. I have no clue in what I want to be. But, I do know one thing and that is that I just want to travel the world and live and experience different places. I also just want to read for the rest of my life.

In 10 years time we will be 25, I hope we will still post on this blog and I want you to reply. To make it easier for you to write I want to ask you some questions for you to answer:

Have any of our favourite books changed?

Did we go to university? If so what did we study?

What career do we have?

Do we still blog?

How many countries have we travelled to?

Where do we live?

Are you married or in love?

Are you happy?

How many cats do we have?

What was turning 18 like?

What was our biggest accomplishment?

Are you still friends with people in high school?

What are your new friends like?

What was it like leaving high school?

Have you dyed your hair?

Did we ever get that book published?

I don’t care if our opinions have changed on things I just want you to be happy. As much as I am excited to finally grow up and be an adult, it daunts me that I will look back on  this letter and feel that I never accomplished anything. I wish we learn valuable lessons and I hope we are in control of our lives and are slaying.

With hope at last,

Teenager Hannah






5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to my Future Self”

  1. OMG love this post so much!! SO inspiring and love the concept.
    Erm, sorry to ask but I see that on the home screen your posts come up as an image and then a little snippet of text that you have to click to continue to read. I haven’t started blogging yet but I use the same theme as you and on my test post I couldn’t get it to do the same as your posts. Would you be able to tell me how you managed to get it like that? I’m really sorry about this and all, but if you could maybe give me a hint that’d be great. If not that’s ok. Anyways thanks very much, love your blog sooooooo much and I’m looking forward to your future posts!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much 😊😊😊and I’m glad to help to get the photo on the sidebar where you write a blog post there is a thing called featured image and you just upload the image you want. As for the snippet. When you write your post in the toolbar on the top at the end there is a tool called Insert Read More which is text to the @. I hope that helped that was the best way I could describe it


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