Books I have Read This Year

This year so far I have read a total of 7 books. I know it doesn’t seem like that many but I’m with the quality of the stories. By the way this is non-spoilery.


The first book I read was Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. I was anticpitpating this book since City of Heavenly Fire. It was such a fantastic start to the new shadowhunter triolgy. I highly reccomend it. Though I do think read the Mortal Instruments first because Lady Midnight kind of spoils them.

After Lady Midnight I went straight into reading Passenger by Alexandra Bracken and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I got the Night Circus for my birthday I already did a review on it which I will link down below. Passenger on the other hand was really good. I kind of got turned of reading this at first because I was not a fan of Bracken’s other works because they were dystopian. I was pleasantly suprised reading it. I really I enjoyed this story and I fell in love with this series so much. Its best going into it without knowing anything so it can suprise you like it did with me.

The next books I read were the Court of Thorns and Roses books by Sarah J. Mass. I absoulutly adore these books. As soon as I got my hands on them I couldn’t put them down. Basically straight after I finished reading them they became two of my new favourite books of all time. If you are a bit younger maybe withhold reading them because I think they are actually adult books. I wish I had known that while reading them especially the second book because damn… ย If you are older and like Sarah’s other series Throne of Glass I reccomend giving them a try. Speaking of Throne of Glas the next book I read was Heir of Fire and since it is the thrid book of the series I can’t give away much except for reccomending to read them. I know I am very far behind in the TOG books but there a just so many.

Now, I am currently reading When We Collided by Emery Lord. So far I am loving it. I haven’t read a contempory book in so long. It is so adorable anf I’m eager to see how it will play out. Hopefully I can review it soon.

These books were such great reads I think there is a book in there for everyone. I would love to know what books have you read so far if you want to please comment below I would love to read what books you have been loving this year.

Night Circus Review:ย



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