Lazy Days

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.35.32 pmI’m sure we all those days when we just can’t seem focus so we will curl up with a blanket, some tea and a good book.

Recently, I have been very un-productive and have found myself on my bed reading or tumblring. Which I don’t recommend doing. Though I do believe that it’s important for everyone to have a stress free day and forget about your problems (especially if you have anxiety like me). You have to admit there is nothing better than letting your mind free.

I know that it is very un-productive doing nothing all day but if you do want a lazy day how about rugging up in some trackies, with warm tea for an hour then not do any stressful work but get some cleaning done or going out for walks. Letting your mind relax helps you be less stressed and able to complete work peacefully. I always find lazy days are a  necessity for being calm.


One thought on “Lazy Days”

  1. this is true. I feel like nowadays with so much content online we feel the pressure to do or make somethings everyday but truly its okay to just relax. Go read a book, go enjoy the sun idk. But this blog post is true. We should be able to feel guilty free when enjoying life in our comforts.

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